Hi, my name is Philipp Kepplinger and I'm the creator of oc-corner.com. Since I've built my very first PC more than a decade ago, I've developed a huge passion for computer hardware and a deep desire to know and learn more about the topic. This platform allows me to share this passion with you and at the same time, it drives me to improve my knowledge and skills about computer hardware and electronics. 

When I first started to explore the topic of overclocking, I immediately fell in love with the process. Trying to get the most out of your system and finding the best possible configuration is a lot of fun. It didn't take long until I started to use more extreme overclocking techniques to take things on a more competitive level. Pushing hardware to its limits while aiming to beat benchmarks scores of other fellow overclockers forces you to learn and better understand the fundamentals of electronics and hardware in order to work around limitations and drive the clock speed higher. 

About images in articles

Images on oc-corner.com are optimized for use on the web and are therefore highly optimized and compressed. If you want to view an image in it's full resolution, there is an easy way to do that:

  • Right click on the image you want to view and copy the image address.
  • Paste the image address in a new tab. The last part of each image URL is the filename of the image with a prefix specifying the width of the image, for example:
  • Remove the width prefix from the URL to get the URL of the full size image. In the example above, the prefix to remove would be "960w-".
  • With the prefix removed, the URL would look something like this:
  • You can now simply open that URL the browser to download it.

All images are optimized using https://web-image-compressor.com/